Watch out: In Ulwe, open manholes on flooded streets pose grave danger – Times of India 27 June 2016

B B Nayak
Navi Mumbai: In Ulwe, residents are raising questions on the preparedness of the planning authorities to tide over monsoon maladies.Though it’s only been a few days since the onset of monsoon, residents of this developing Cidco node have begun to complain about lack of basic amenities, open manholes, poor storm water and sewage drainage system, waterlogging and potholes.

So, Green Society Forum (GSF), a local outfit of youths, has initiated a campaign to demarcate open manholes that are difficult to spot due to waterlogging by barricading those with stones.

Kishor Biswas, a member of GSF, said, “When the system fails to provide the required services, then it becomes the responsibility of every individual to stand together and work for the betterment of the city. Ulwe is still under-developed as Cidco has turned a blind eye to the node. We have started putting stones around the manholes to warn people of dangerous spots. It’s a small step to create awareness.“

The team has found over a 100 such dangerous open manholes located in the middle of roads or footpaths with no cover.

“Cidco has failed to develop proper roads, storm water drainage and sewage system in Ulwe, which leads to flooding across the node. Incidents of children, women, men falling in open manholes and drains, especially in sectors 19, 20 and 21, have been a regular affair and the city planner is least bothered,“ said Jaspal Singh Naol, a founder member of GSF.