One spell, & Ulwe roads are already non-motorable

dna correspondent

Ulwe: Homebuyers are the worst-affected by the delay in infrastructure development in Ulwe as the first spell has turned the node into a pond, quite literally. In spite of proper planning, most of the roads of the node are filled with potholes, and are waterlogged

Ulwe, which is still a developing node, and residents who have already bought homes do not wish to come as it lacks basic infrastructures in place. The planning agency has failed to create proper roads, storm water drainage and sewerage system in the node, thus creating flood like condition on every roads during heavy downpour.

Residents and new visitors to this node often become victim of potholes. “People who come from other areas do not have idea about condition of road as rainwater accumulated at everywhere. Since they are new, they become victim and fell on the water with bike,” said Jashpal Singh Naol, a senior member of Green Society Forum GSF. The forum works for the betterment of society.

“Open manholes and potholes lies on the midst and corners of the roads. Incidents of children, women and motorist falling has become a routine,” added Naol.

Now, residents have fed up with slow pace of infrastructure development of the node. Kishor Biswas, founder member GSF expressed, “It seems the system has failed to provide basic facilities to residents and now the time has come to shoulder the responsibility by every individual and to stand together for the upliftment of the node.”

The deteriorating condition of the node has raised health related issues. Another member of the forum says, “The chocked up sewerage and drainage water is found overflowing and gets mixed with the rain water and residents may contaminate to various diseases.”

Even, the planning agency, Cidco, has asked developers to install a septic tank near the project. “Since the construction of sewerage treatment plan (STP) is not complete, they cannot provide drainage connection. So, residents have to rely on septic tank, which the planning agency will clean periodically,” added Jal.

The planning agency has not given a deadline when the STP will be ready, however, an official said that the work is going on and soon the infrastructure of the node will be developed.