Lets Make the World Livable

We all know waste is a biggest challenge the whole world is going through, We Green society forum has been working and Researching on new methodologies to convert these waste into a new form of life. Upcycling Waste increases the shelf life of these waste without any harm to Nature. To stabilize the rising pollution, we have been working on to increase the plantation of Beema Bamboo. Your small support can bring in big difference.

There are Three Ways of Donation: Bamboo Plantation, Donating Waste, Financial Support

Bamboo Plantation: You can Buy and Plant Beema Bamboos the detail is available on the website click here for details


Donating Waste: As we promote Upcycling of Waste

We request you to please feel free to Donate Waste

Household Waste: Newspaper, Toys, Furniture, TV, Computer, Laptop, Tab, Mobile Phones, Plastic Goods, Metal Goods, Cloths, etc..

General Store Waste: Sacks (Goni), Boxes, Grains, Plastic Goods, Weighing Machine, Refrigerator, etc.

Electronic Stores: TV, Fridge, Lapotop, Watches, Taps, Washing Machines, Lights, Panels, Furniture, etc.

Hotels Waste: Waste Food, Bottles, Containers, Sacks (Goni), Boxes, etc.

Automobiles: Cycle, Motorcycle, Car, Bus, Truck, Container etc..

Industrial: Metal, Machinery, Lifts, etc.

Government: We partner with Government agencies and collect dump and convert it into Murals

CSR Funding: We welcome Corporate support for Upcycling Waste through CSR Funds they funds can be either diverted through our Partner NGO’s or through Government Organisations. You can even divert it through our partner Companies.

Financial Support: As we are a Forum we cannot get register and hence, don’t have an official Bank Account

Support by Buying: You can also support the cause by buying upcycle waste products from us


You Can Call Us Or Mail Us For Collaboration At Any Level

 8655447929 / 8270777806




However, If you wish to extend direct Financial Support, You can do it, on our, Individual account, by sending us a mail

Bank Account Details

Name of the Account Holder : Jaspal Singh Naol
Name of the Bank: Andhra Bank
Branch: Kharghar Central Park
Saving Account No. : 297310100017414
IFS Code : ANDB0002973