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Green Society Forum Family

Our Guiders



CEO of Markaz Knowledge City, Calicut, Former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientist and Madinah expansion project consultant. He has 30 years of experience in different positions such as advisor, Scientist, CEO, Strategic Consultant, and head of departments in many development projects across India and abroad.

Lalit Babar

A Socialists, liberal farmer leader, and a retired banker from drought-prone Sangola.  He has established Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Sheti Vikas Va Sanshodhan Sanstha. He is also the founder member and Vice President of Swaraj India Party. He had played an instrumental role in the formation of Aam Aadmi Party and have been an active policy maker in the Movements like JP Movement, India Against Corruption Movement, Dalit Land Rights Movements, Equal Land Rights to Women, etc.   

Aviram Rozin

He is the Founder and International Director of Sadhana Forest, an international, volunteer-based organization focused on creating long-term food security through environmental restoration

Sitaram Shelar

A Policy Research and Analyzer. He is a founder of National Centre for Promoting Democracy, member Hamara Shaher Mumbai Abhiyan, Convenor of Pani Hakk Samiti and is the Co-convener of Maharashtra Committee for the People Centric Water Policy. As a Water Warrior he aims to make Mumbai thirst-free and since last 25 years he is fighting to secure the universal right to water, youths rights, right to shelter etc.. 

Yuval Leibovich

Young Enthusiastic and down to earth Forest Ranger, With a B.Sc in Environmental Studies and Ecology, researching Food Forestry as a means of sustainability. He has been traveling across the Globe to spread the message of developing Food Forest. He has been of many Big and small Projects of converting Barren Land into Food Forest. 

Hyder Sheikh
A Private Detective, IP Consultant, Brand Protection, Consumer Affairs and Licensing. Founder of Maharashtra Enforcement, Former Head of  Intellectual Property Right (IPR) at Pinkerton Government Services, Former Investigation Officer, for Government of India's Bureau of Indian Standards, Former Investigation Officer at Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

Family Members


Binoy K
Conceptual and Innovation Director
He is the visionary and guiding force of several social projects running from many years. He has a vast experience in creating and running complex projects and events with a long term plan for a sustainable society.
Kishor Biswas
Creative Art Director
Having a vast 20 years of experience teaching art in different schools.The creative mind behind all the projects.Always ready to help in any way possible.
Jaspal Singh Naol (Jal)
Social Initiative Director
Award wining Journalist and the very socially active person .He wants to make a change in society from grassroots levels permanently . Always helpful with a quick insight into societal workings.
Nikhil M
Research Director

 Perfect Person to run the operational structure smoothly and most efficiently allowing us to focus on core principles.

Noushad Poolakkal
C&D Waste Research Director

A person with a strong network and will power and a force behind the work of organisation. He has been researching on new green and Eco technologies that can be used in Construction Industry. He has been a directly and indirectly working on the Recycling of Construction and Development (C&D) Waste. 

Aziz Rajkotwala
Social Entrepreneurship Development Director

Technology minded, Entrepreneur by nature, Philanthropic by heart

Rajab Khan
Empowerment Development Director

His unique approach to personal and professional empowerment gives the tools to organisations needs to start building a new Strategy

Madhumita Samantaray
Project Management Director
M.A./B.Ed.- Our most Esteemed Director and also a Professor of English.She helps the Foundation run smoothly and takes care of the total operations of the ngo. The most Positively cheerful person possible.
Allwyn Augustine
Visual Art Director
A professional in analytics and project management. He Keeps Track of all the live projects . Allocating resources and systematizing activities to make sure projects run independently and efficiently.
Abu Ramzia
Co-Operative Project Director
Kapil Malhotra
Human Resource Director
Harpal Naol
Public Relation and Cultural Director
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