Rcycledelic FIFA Mural made by Upcycling Waste or Used Plastic Bottle Caps – Plastic Waste in Navi Mumbai

Green Society Forum the developer of Mother India Board and on street campaigner of NMMT Bus Day has once again came up with an unique applied visual art made to promote Recycle Waste / Upcycle Waste named Recycledelic FIFA Mural. The mural has stolen the hearts of 40 thousands of students of Navi Mumbai who had taken part in NMMC organized FIFA Walkathon. The monument has been placed just opposite the NMMC Headquarter on Palm Beach Road, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. To make Navi Mumbai a model for Recycle Art and Upcycle Art. Moreover it has to be called as Recycle Art Navi Mumbai and Upcycle Art Navi Mumbai. Nationally it has to be stated as Recycle Art India and Upcycle Art India.

The monument was unveiled by the hands of Navi Mumbai Mayor Sudhakar Sonawane in presence of NMMC Commissioner Dr. N. Ramaswami, Deputy Mayor Avinash Lad, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Tushar Pawar, ETC Director Varsha Bhagat, and other eminent people.

K Binoy, Concept Director informed “The ‘Recycledelic FIFA Mural’ has been developed by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) & Green Society Forum’s Green Placemakers under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Swachh Navi Mumbai Mission). With the vision to transform Navi Mumbai into Zero waste, Eco Friendly, Smart Art City.”

Nikhil M, Public Relation Director, explained the development process, “The monument has been made using more than 7000 used Plastic Bottle Caps. The caps were collected from across the Navi Mumbai city in 5 days. The monument was developed in 10 Days. The round shaped mural is 6.5 Feet Diameter and weighs around 250 kg”

Jaspal Singh Naol, Social Initiative Director, explained why Plastic Bottle Caps has been used, “There is a need to engage people in social transformation which is in itself a big challenge for the society. Creative and Green Innovative methodology is the only way we can transform human behaviour towards Nature. The threat of plastic to nature is no hidden fact. There is only two simple steps to solve this rising threat. First one is Stop or Limit usage of Plastic goods and the second is Conversion of Waste into Art form”

Kishor Biswas, Art Director added, “As a pilot project NMMC in association with Green Society Forum has open a Drop Off Centre at Mango Garden, CBD Belapur. One can drop off any old and unused plastic good, toys, cycles, etc. so that it can be transformed into an Art form. One can contribute time (Volunteer) to transform Navi Mumbai into Zero Waste, Eco Friendly, Smart Art City and promote Recycle Art Navi Mumbai, Upcycle Art Navi Mumbai, Recycle Art India and Upcycle Art India,”

Jaspal Singh Naol, Social Initiative Director, Green society Forum expressed, “There is a need to create awareness, training programmes and workshops amongst all the section of the society on the methodology to Upcycle Waste.”

The Team

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Guider: Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr. N. Ramaswami
Mentor: Tushar Pawar, Dy Municipal Commissioner (Solid Waste Management Department, NMMC) & Machinder Patil (Senior Journalist)

Green Society Forum

The Team

Art Director: Kishor Biswas

Concept Director: Benoy K,

Social Initiative Director: Jaspal Singh Naol (Social Worker & Journalist)

Visual Director: Allwyn Augustine & Abu Ramzia

Public Relation Director: Nikhil M

Volunteers: Mohammed Arif Shaikh, Harpal Singh Naol, Kapil Malhotra, Sanjay Singh and Kunal Biswas