Training the Face of NMMT

During the process of Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) Bus Day marked on 23 February 2016. Training was provided to around 1000 NMMT  Employees including Administrators, Mechanical Team, Ticket Checkers (Inspectors), Conductors, Drivers etc. from 1st to 10th February 2016 with respect to NMMT Bus Day to be marked on 23 February 2016 by Jaspal Singh Naol, Social Initiative Director of Green Society Forum (GSF) under the banner of Save Life Foundation a part of GSF in collaboration with NMMT at NMMT Bus Depot, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai.
The main focus was safe, reliable, affordable, efficient, people-centric and environment friendly transport system like NMMT Bus.
About NMMT Bus Day
NMMT had organised NMMT Bus Day on 23 February 2016 considering three major concern and the alternatives
1. Climate Change : Due to rise in population of Self Owned Cars the Air Pollution level had gone Up
2. Society Health : The air pollution had directly spread more and more diseases in the society and also weaken the Health.
3. Economical Transformation of Society : Rising threat of Health directly impacted the Economical status of the society.
4. Alternative : Use of Public Sector Transport System like NMMT Bus will

a. Reduce the pollution
b. Reduce Traffic Jams
c. Reduce the threat of Health
d. Save Time
e. Save Money
f. Increase the Time to think on Future Development
And more…