Climate change is one of the biggest Challenge we all are facing Today. Upcycling is a great way to creatively reuse waste materials and reduce our footprint.
As we promote Upcycling of Waste
We request you to please feel free to Donate Waste to Upcycle it.
Household Waste: Newspaper, Toys, Furniture, TV, Computer, Laptop, Tab, Mobile Phones, Plastic Goods, Metal Goods, Cloths, etc..
General Store Waste: Sacks (Goni), Boxes, Grains, Plastic Goods, Weighing Machine, Refrigerator, etc.
Electronic Stores Waste: TV, Fridge, Lapotop, Watches, Taps, Washing Machines, Lights, Panels, Furniture, etc.
Hotels Waste: Waste Food, Bottles, Containers, Sacks (Goni), Boxes, etc.
Automobiles Waste: Cycle, Motorcycle, Car, Bus, Truck, Container etc..
Industrial Waste: Metal, Machinery, Lifts, etc.
Government Support: We partner with Government agencies and collect dump and convert it into Murals
Corporate Support / CSR Funding: We welcome Corporate support for Upcycling Waste through CSR Funds

You Can Call Us Or Mail Us For Collaboration At Any Level

 8655447929 / 8270777806