Launched in 2015 Green Society Forum is the fastest growing network that brings together governments, businesses, and civil society organizations in innovative public-private partnerships to advance solutions to humanity’s greatest needs within the following sectors: upcycle waste, food, agriculture, water, energy, art, circular economy of cities and villages. And promotes the Green Economy Initiative through a social enterprise by inspiring the society to reinvests a few percent of its income to foster future leaders in building a sustainable environment and community. It is an organization intended to support emerging global actions towards the green, low-carbon, climate-resilient development model.

Green Society Forum provides tools to help build institutional capacity and develop green growth policy, strengthen peer learning and knowledge sharing, and engage private investors and public donors. It works to scale-up knowledge and skills development for devising green economy solutions that are inclusive and address concerns related to economic competitiveness and employment. It is also playing a vital role to identify critical knowledge and skills gaps among professionals involved in green economy policy design and implementation

Green Society Forum is a model for cooperation, collaboration and synchronisation of activities with other institutions and peer initiatives based on a strong sense of community, trust, and non-competitive behaviour. Its strength is the multi-disciplinary expertise in environment, poverty, gender and governance; innovative financing; people-owned capacity development and engagement with key Government, private sector and civil society partners.

Green Society Forum has been starving to promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development it focuses on green industrial policy advice and its implementation through industry engagement, industry-related training and its building of public-private partnerships.

It is dedicated to train professionals inside and outside Government and strengthening capacities of learning institutions. It supports international training programmes, national competency development and learning strategies, as well as specialized training and policy dialogues in green economy development.

The Green Society Forum has found that a major industrial transition is needed, along with new models of growth. Only a major change in mind-sets will make it possible to balance short-term gains with the long-term sustainability of the planet and the global economy. This includes the practice of reduce, reuse, recycle and retain resources more efficiently and sustainably.

The Green Society Forum services are demand driven, respond to in-country needs and take into account varying national circumstances. It promotes a development path that understands natural capital as a critical economic asset and a source of public benefits, especially for poor people whose livelihoods depend on natural resources. Our program interventions are therefore tailored entirely to the specific circumstances, demand and capacity of each society.

Green Society Forum also strives to bring together a diverse line-up of artists, curators, musicians, writers and thought leaders. The Forum is recognised for its collaborative, innovative approach to the art world by Government and Non-Government agencies.